Alamo City Rugby Football Club (ACRFC) was founded  in 1983, by a group of veteran players who were interested in promoting rugby to the city of San Antonio, Texas.  These nine men (listed below) recruited an assortment of local talent, both new and old, and quickly set themselves out as a preeminent squad among Texas rugby.


In the Spring of 1984, Alamo City joined the Fiesta Commission, and as such, has since hosted the Alamo City RFC Fiesta 7's Rugby Tournament, annually.  This tournament, held each April during "Fiesta San Antonio," has been recognized as one of the elite 7's Summer Series tournaments, drawing representation from not only the local area, but from surrounding states and tributaries as well.  Additionally, many European clubs, including British Caldonia, Twickingham, Imber Court, England's Royal Engineers, Ireland's Arklow, and The Old Hirelings of France, have traveled to San Antonio and participate in the tournament.


In 1986, the club obtained the land for Bowie Field, which was named after Dr. Neil Bowie for his never-ending support to Alamo City RFC and its members. The ten-acre sight has a regulation rugby playing pitch and a lighted practice pitch. This facility is San Antonio’s first and only of its kind. 


Over the years, the club has grown to support High School, Collegiate, Masters (known globally as "The Old Boys”), Military, and currently, a Men’s division. High School sides for Alamo City have received 2nd, 3rd, and 6th place finishes in the National High School Championships, under the leadership and coaching staff of Alamo City. Currently, the club provides support in many forms to both the San Antonio Riverters womens rugby team, and the San Antonio Los Toros youth team, which is headed by former Alamo City coach Jason Liddle.


ACRFC is well-known in the city of San Antonio for its contributions to community service, by holding events and assisting in local charity fund raisers. The club has increased its ability to contribute to the community with their affiliation to the Harper and Shamrock Society, Target 90 Goals for San Antonio, and other local organizations. Alamo City RFC has a known and respected annual presence by which, members of the club deliver toys to less-fortunate children in support of the San Antonio Elf Louise Programme.  H.E.B and GLI Distributing have also assisted by giving generous contributions to Alamo City RFC. Finally, ACRFC members often donate their time to the San Antonio Food Bank as volunteers.


*Alamo City Rugby Football Club has achieved its 501(c)-3 status as a non-profit corporation, and as such receives exemption from state franchise and sales tax laws.




Founding Fathers of Alamo City RFC


Below holds a list of the nine men who founded Alamo City Rugby Football Club.  Should you see one of these men in public, thank them, shake their hand and offer to buy them a pint.


John Canty          Dean DeSoto

Rick Gillham        Bill Harmon

Tony Henry          Joe Ludwig

Tim Murphy         Shane McGibbon

Art Wallace 



Presidents of Alamo City RFC


Below holds a list of men, past and present, who have served as Presidents of Alamo City RFC.  These men have shown their leadership abilities on and off the pitch, and as such, they have served their club honorably.


Tim Murphy served honorably from 1983 to 1986.

Bill Harmon served honorably from 1986 to 1989.

Steve Cichowski served honorably from 1989 to 1990.

Damon Peterson served honorably from 1990 to 1991.

Ken Helmer served honorably from 1991 to 1992.

John Traeger served honorably from 1992 to 1993.

Bill Harmon served a second term honorably from 1993 to 1997.

Ben Barton served honorably from 1997 to 1999.

Pete Mulhearn served honorably from 1999 to 2002.

Larry Allen served honorably from 2002 to 2004.

Kris Newman served honorably from 2004 to 2007.

Andy Still served honorably from 2007 to 2008.

Ben Barton served a second term, honorably from 2008 to 2011

Brandon Borel served honorably from 2011 to 2012

Ben Barton served a third term honorably from 2011-2014

Kris Newman served a president for a long time.

Patrick Costello has served as president since 2019. 


Captains of Alamo City RFC


Below listed are the men who have served as Alamo City RFC captains.  They have shown their ability to balance leadership and athleticism on the pitch.


John Atkins                  1983 - 1984

Art Wallace                   1984 - 1986

Kevin Howell                1986 - 1989

Kenny Helmer              1989 - 1990

Mark Traeger               1990 - 1991

Gordie O'Rourke          1991 - 1992

Andy Still                      1992 - 1994

Al Garcia                       1994 - 1996

Paul Harris                    1996 - 2001

Brandon Finn                2001 - 2003

Mark Chacon                2003 - 2013

Nick Harrell                   2013 - 2014

Kevin Kemp                  2014 - 2015

Phillip Gonzales            2015 - 2016

Ryan Rackley                 2016 - 2017

Michael Stewart            2017 - 2018

Sam Feldman                2018 - 2019

Daryl Viscusi                  2019 - 2020

Houston Bashus            2020 - 2021



Hall of Fame


Many have played for Alamo City, but few have shown the commitment, dedication, and athleticism to be considered for the Hall of Fame.  Beginning in 1993 (on the 10th Anniversary of ACRFC) and continued until 2015, two men were inducted into the Alamo Cirty RFC Hall of Fame.  These men are voted on by the club and are recognized during a presentation at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Year          Inductees


1993          Dr. Neil Bowie & Kevin Howell

1994          Tim Murphy & Steve Cichowski

1995          Pete Lewis & Pete Witecki

1996          Art Wallace & Gordy O'Rorke

1997          Bill Sisoian & Jeff Townsley

1998          Steve Dobson & Andy Ramsey

1999          Al Garcia & Andy Still

2000          Doug Yost & Dr. Ken Helmer

2001          Jeff Erskine & Sam Lopez

2002          Bill Harmon & Matt Nash

2003          Paul Harris & Louis Hernandez

2004          Mark Traeger & John Traeger

2005          Jamie Atkins & Bubba Ortiz

2006          Pete Mulhearn & Shawn Rutledge

2007          Kris Newman & Ben Barton

2008          Roger Castillo & Woody Wilson

2009          Ray Durke & Ben Russo

2010          Larry Romo & Damon Peterson

2011          George Riki & Pierre Gutierrez

2012          Mark Chacon & Shayne Roberson

2013          Bob Jenson & Bobby Ramirez

2014          Ray Abonce & Jay Smith

2015          Larry Allen & Joe Ludwig

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