Special Olympics Fire Truck Pull





The 2019 Special Olympics Fire Truck pull was a success! Despite not being able to take home the 1st place trophy, we did pull the fastest pull of the day - 18.93! Although your Defenders missed 1st place by .61 sec, we did take home 1st in funds raised by amassing over $1500! We could not have done it without the generous contributions from:

Houston Bashus, Mike & Mary Costello, Dustin & Salote Edgett, Kris Newman, Jenny Case, Adrienne Holloman, David Uminski, Adrianna Boswell, Erin Primm, Nicholas Tamsma, Zachary Hediger, Jason Liddle, Douglas Mitchell, Kathryn Costello, Tim Guillaume, Patrick Costello, Mike Stewart, Ignacio Torres Arpi, Sylvia Benitez & TexStar Produce 

For every donation, we honestly and greatly appreciate your support!

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Photos courtesy of Bost Sports and Events Photo


2015: 1st Place

2016: 1st Place

2017: 3rd Place

-1st in Fundraising

2018: 3rd Place

-1st in Fundraising

2019: 2nd Place

- 1st in Fundraising